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Interior Design

Creating a space that you will absolutely love!  It is always our goal to make this a positive yet fun experience.  More importantly, to make the interior design process as simple as possible, I will meet with you in the comfort of your home to help go over your interior plans.  


It will not only enlighten but assist you in making quick informed decisions that will save you money.  In addition, you will receive product information and decorating advice that will give your space a well designed, finished appearance.  

Fees for Budgets

It is a good idea for clients to establish a budget for what they are willing to pay for in having me source out furniture, fabric and accessories.  This is a way to control the cost of the project without going over.

Fees Hourly

A client can control their budget by hiring hourly as little or as much as they want to keep within their budget.  This will save clients money and avoid costly mistakes by having access to knowledge and expertise.