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Furniture Selection

Selecting furniture for a home involves thought about how the space will be used and the natural architecture.  It is best to start with the basics and most living rooms contain a sofa, armchair, side table, and coffee table. It is important to look for these basic elements before adding extra pieces and buy investment pieces that are solid wood with sturdy wood frames with steel springs.  High-quality pieces may cost a little more, but they tend to hold up better and last longer.

Invest in high-quality and stain-resistant fabrics as luxurious, high-quality materials will feel more comfortable and tend to last longer than the less expensive fabrics.  Furniture in the room should complement the others, otherwise, the room will look cluttered.  Have a particular interior design style and stick with furniture that fits with that style.  Fill the room with additional pieces but it is important not to allow the furniture to overrun the space as this can make the room appear cluttered and less inviting.


Decorating & Space Planning

Furniture selection will always require interior decorating or design advice. It is very important that not only the colour and style work in your space but correct space planning has been done.

Designer Discounts

As designers, we having accounts with various exclusive resources and we will be able to select, customize and purchase unique high quality furniture and fabric at designer pricing for you.

Customized Colour, Design & Style

Prior to your furniture selection consultation, we would ask that you fill out and submit the client Customized Colour, Design & Style Questionnaire. This will assist in determining and customizing your personal colour preferences, design which is concerned with basic layout together with function of the space, and decorating style which is concerned with the visual or look of a space as this creates an important aesthetic value to a client. 

Furniture Selection Estimate

On completion of your furniture selection consultation you'll receive a Furniture Selection Estimate outlining the furniture specifics and what it will cost you including our fee.

It is always our goal to make this a positive yet fun experience. More importantly, to make your custom furniture selection as simple and affordable as possible!